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Order garden waste collection

Order garden waste collection

Fortnightly garden waste collection

You can opt in for a chargeable, fortnightly, garden waste collection service.

  • The 2021 to 2022 garden waste scheme runs from 1 May 2021 to 27 May 2022

We provide a 240 litre brown wheelie bin. Each year a different coloured sticker is displayed to show you have paid for the current collection year.

Your bin will only be emptied if you are displaying the current year’s sticker.

The last date an order can be placed is the 31 December and you are able to opt in for the next year from mid March. 

Opt in to garden waste collection service

You can opt in to order garden waste collection if you are:

  • An existing customer who wants to take the service out for a further year
  • A new customer

Existing customers will receive a sticker within 10 working days.

Any bins ordered will be delivered within 15 working days, with the sticker already attached.

Bins ordered in February to mid March will be delivered by 1 May for the start of the new contract.


The annual cost of the service is £65. If you opt in later in the year the cost will be a pro-rata amount depending on when you opt in, as follows:

Order additional bin

This online service is not currently available.

Garden waste sacks

If you do not wish to opt in to the garden waste scheme, then one alternative is using 75 litre compostable garden waste sacks. Sacks cost £1.10 each. The sacks are a useful alternative when the garden waste bin order form is unavailable between January and March.

Report a broken or missing garden waste bin

If your garden waste bin is damaged or has gone missing then you can report this and request a replacement bin.


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