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16th October 2023

Climate emergency

Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP)

Read our Climate Emergency Action Plan (CEAP) - 4th progress report (PDF document.)

Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) declared a climate emergency in July 2019, which commits us to playing as full a role as possible in reducing our carbon footprint to meet carbon neutrality by 2030.

Our latest CEAP was approved at Council on 21st September 2023 and demonstrates the planned steps on our journey towards achieving this goal, along with the current progress on each action. You can take a look at our climate emergency action plan progress summary pdf for a visual overview.

Our plan to tackle climate change 

Our plan is to:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport.
  • Generate more renewable energy in the borough.
  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from domestic and business property.
  • Increase the levels of carbon sequestration in the borough through greening the environment.
  • Engage with young people and support sustainable schools.
  • Reduce waste sent to landfill.
  • Utilise planning policies to minimise emissions from new developments
  • Achieve sustainable procurement practices throughout the Council
  • Encourage behaviour change. 
  • WBC to lead the way on carbon neutrality, by improving its own operations.

These changes cannot be achieved without your help, whether at home, work, or while you travel, small changes can add up to tackle our climate emergency. Subscribe to our monthly Climate Emergency newsletter to keep informed on the work we are doing, events we are running and projects that are happening in the community, and information on how you can play your part.

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You can also take part in our Planet Pledge campaign and challenge yourself to make a promise throughout the year to help tackle the climate emergency.

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