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26th April 2024

Support for refugees

Wokingham Borough is a place renowned for being welcoming and friendly and for the strength of its communities. It is a place where every resident and place matters.


If you are moving to Wokingham, this page is to help you find the right support.

The UK Government website provides up to date information for refugees Support for asylum claimants and refugees.

You can apply for a Refugee Integration Loan to support you with education, training and housing costs. Refugee integration loan: Overview.

Homes for Ukraine

The Homes for Ukraine scheme was launched by Central Government in March 2022. Since then, Wokingham has welcomed nearly 500 Ukrainian refugees, most of them women and children.

Individuals and charities or other organisations can volunteer accommodation and provide a route to safety for Ukrainians, and their immediate family members, forced to escape their homeland.

You can apply to be a sponsor to help Ukrainians who have been forced to flee their homes. Visit Homes for Ukraine scheme website for more information.

You can apply for a VISA to come to the UK on the UK Government website.

If you are a Ukrainian refugee moving to the UK you can find information and support on the GOV.UK website.

Further information

Chance To Thrive

The crowdfunding has now closed. Thank you for your support.

We launched the Chance to Thrive fund in 2022 to help children and young refugees coming to Wokingham Borough from Ukraine. 

More than 500 residents donated, with more than £32,500 raised.

Helping child refugees

Wokingham Borough has welcomed nearly 500 Ukrainian refugees, and the overwhelming majority are women and children.

This is the largest arrival of refugees the borough has ever seen and is part of the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since the aftermath of the Second World War.

We have provided a safe and supportive home for people.

How the money has been used 

Here is what the money has gone towards, and how it has helped Ukrainian children in the borough:

  • School trips and residentials
  • Tennis club during the school holidays
  • Children’s camp to help integrate in the local area
  • Musical instruments and Musical lessons to continue learning they started in Ukraine.
  • Specialist Support for children.
  • Swimming lessons
  • Ballet lessons
  • Gymnastics club membership
  • A climbing event for 30 Ukrainian children
  • Join a football club
  • Education opportunity leading to university
  • Christmas Gifts

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