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14th March 2024

How our waste collection services work

How our rubbish and recycling services work if you're new to the borough

How household waste works - blue bin bags

  • Blue bags are collected from each household once a week from the edge of your property - find collection days
  • This year we will deliver 20 official branded Wokingham Borough Council blue bin bags  to dispose of your household waste from April 2024. The number of blue bags should be enough for use until your new bin collection starts in August. View the Wokingham Waste Changes (PDF document) for more information
  • Properties remaining on a weekly blue bag collection will receive an annual allocation of 54 blue bags. View the Wokingham Bin Guide (PDF document) for more information
  • No other bag or wheelie bin will be emptied
  • If you live in a flat and use a communal bin - use your own bags
  • Find out where to leave your blue bags for collection

How to get blue bin bags if you're a new resident

If you're new to the area you can order and collect bags using the button below. Take your voucher to one of the local hubs to collect the bags in person.

Order and collect bags

How to get more blue bags

How recycling works - green bags

  • The council provides green waterproof recycling bags for each residence to dispose of recycling
  • Residents can put out as many recycling bags as they can fill with items we collect at the kerbside - See what to put in recycling bags
  • Extra green recycling bags can be collected from a local hub
  • Bags must be sealed at all times to make sure all recycling stays dry
  • All items must be placed loose (not in plastic bags) in the bags
  • Wash and squash items like bottles and tins to make the most of the space in your bags
  • Rinse out tins and bottles to keep the bags clean and stop smells
  • Recycling bags are collected every week at the same time as we collect your blue bin bags and food waste
  • Clearly display their house number/name

How garden waste works - brown bin or brown sack

How food waste works - small black caddy

  • To find out what to put in your bin and where to put it food waste collections page 
  • The council provides a small indoor food waste caddy for your kitchen, and a larger lockable black food outdoor waste bin to put out for collection
  • Residents in flats can put their food waste into the larger red wheeled bin, in the bin store
  • Food waste bins can be collected from a local hub
  • Food waste is collected every week at the same time we collect your rubbish and recycling
  • Only put food waste in the caddy - no packaging
  • You can line you bin with any plastic bags such as bread bags and carrier bags, along with food waste bags or newspapers
  • We'll only collect food waste and oil (in a plastic bottle) from the outdoor food waste containers

Download our Household Waste Service Standards

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