Last updated:

22nd March 2024

What to put in recycling bags

Find out what you can recycle in your kerbside recycling bags

What to put in recycling bags

  • Paper & Card 
  • Plastic bottles (drinks, toiletries, bleach & detergents) 
  • Empty drinks and food cans 
  • Empty aerosols 
  • Plastic food trays (not black) 
  • Food tubs (margarine, yoghurt and cream pots, snack pots etc) 
  • Cosmetic pots and tubs (no lids) 
  • Foil trays and clean foil 
  • Cartons (no lids) 

All items can be recycled together. Wash and squash to make more room in the bags.

What not to put in recycling bags

  • Glass Bottles and jars (nearest bottle bank)
  • Food waste 

  • Nappies or sanitary waste
  • Kitchen towels, tissues, and wet wipes
  • Food waste 
  • Black plastic food trays
  • Soft plastics - plastic bags, food packets, plastic wrap/film pet food pouches
  • Coffee pods (nearest take back scheme)
  • Plant pots
  • Textiles (nearest textile bank)
  • Batteries and used vapes

What to do with large cardboard boxes

Any large cardboard should be cut down or folded into pieces small enough to fit into the sealed recycling bags as the card must be dry on collection. 

Don't leave large cardboard to the side of your recycling bags as this won't be collected by the crew. The alternative is to take large cardboard to the recycling centres.

Top tips for recycling

  1. Bags must be sealed at all times to make sure all recycling stays dry. 
  2. All items must be placed loose (not in plastic bags) in the bags. 
  3. Wash and squash items like bottles and tins to make the most of the space in your bags.  
  4. Rinse out tins and bottles to keep the bags clean and stop smells. 

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