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26th April 2024

California Cross

What makes the proposed design better than the existing layout?

The project aims to create a stronger sense of place by shifting priority away from motor vehicles. This is to be achieved by the following goals and measures:

  • Making it easier for non-motorists to move between and around the two mini roundabouts by:
  • Slowing vehicle movements with the installation of raised tables at the edge and the centre. These are spaced about 70m apart, which typically enforces speeds below 20mph and makes drivers more likely to give way.
  • Additional crossing points allowing more direct routes for non-motorised users
  • Contrasting design in crossing areas will also encourage drivers to give way.
  • Removal of traditional road markings and signs to make drivers more aware of pedestrians and encourage them to give way at crossings
  • Crossing points at right angles have been provided, which those with impaired vision may prefer to use.

Making it easier for non-motorists to move around at Avery Corner, the shopping parade, and access to the school. This will be achieved by bringing the carriageway and other areas to the same level, giving non-motorised users priority and improving access for wheelchair users.

Higher quality environment with:

  • Embossed design on the footway paving
  • Leaf pattern printed on the carriageway and at crossings
  • High-quality lighting columns
  • Additional and new planting, at ground level and in hanging baskets
  • Bespoke bollards co-designed with Nine Mile Ride School
  • Bespoke Totems co-designed with Gorse Ride School

Reduce congestion in and around Avery Corner with the following:

  • Shopping parade car park exit and entry switched, so those who cannot find a parking space in front of the shops, can move onto Avery Car Park more easily. It is hoped this will also reduce queuing from Avery Corner backing up into the roundabouts.

Survey Works

Pre-construction surveys were undertaken to provide information as to the existing carriageway make-up and location of underground services. These works are crucial to ensure the new schemes success and provides vital information for the contractor to ensure services are not disrupted for residents during the construction phase.

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