Last updated:

2nd April 2024

How the support we provide can change

If you are assessed to need support as an adult, the PfA team will attend your education, health, and care plan (EHCP) review in Year 9 if they have a referral for support.

The PfA workers will also use your Children’s Services social care assessment to make an initial decision about your eligibility for adult services.

When you turn 17 (usually Year 12), a transition worker will work with you during the school year. They will attend your EHCP annual review and arrange to complete an assessment of your needs as an adult at 17.5 years approx.

This assessment will finish when you turn 18, ahead of your next review and will be discussed at your Year 13 review. The PfA workers may attend your Year 11 review to make sure that they have the time they need to get everything in place for you.

The PfA workers must have your personal budget agreed upon and in place for when you turn 18. This can then be included in your EHCP and issued by the 31 March of the school year.

Complete a housing application if housing is likely to be needed.

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