Last updated:

2nd April 2024

Assessing needs for adult care

You will need to have an assessment to see if you can get support from Adult Social Care Services. The Preparing for Adulthood Team can help you with this, once you are aged 14.

If you do not get social care support from children’s services, you can request an assessment from the Adult Social Care Team.

The Adult Social Care Team will review your request and if they think it is appropriate, they will talk to you about:

  • your situation
  • what your strengths are
  • what care you might need
  • what's important to you
  • what you want to achieve in life
  • what types of adult care and support you may benefit from
  • what other informal support is available

The team will decide if you are eligible for a Care Act assessment.

For an assessment, please contact

Children (up to 18 years,) email or phone 0118 908 8002.

For an adult assessment (18 years and over) requests, contact Berkshire Integrated Hub on 0300 365 1234.

What happens after an assessment

We will agree on how to meet your needs when you turn 18 and draw up a support plan. This sets out goals to help them become more independent.

We will provide or arrange the right services to meet your needs. This could be:

  • a place in a residential or nursing care only if the needs require it
  • supported living
  • living in your home with support from an agency that we commission
  • living in your home with support through a direct payment
  • outreach services
  • day care
  • personal care services
  • supported employment services - Optalis
  • travel training

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria

If you do not meet the Care Act eligibility criteria for adult social care, we will do our best to meet your needs. For example, by signposting you to other services, such as local charities or voluntary agencies.

We will give you reasons why you have not met the criteria eligible. This will help you if you want to challenge our decision. Needs can change, so do get an assessment in the future if required.

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