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26th April 2024

Preferred Option Refinement

The Development Framework Plan was used to prepare a series of parameter plans for the following:

  • Access 
  • Green infrastructure and open space 
  • Land use (this should be read in conjunction with the land use budget which quantifies the amount of each land use) 
  • Housing density 
  • Building heights 
  • Order of development 

The purpose of these parameter plans is to aid the assessment of the impact of these proposals. The Strategic Development Framework Plan brings together the various components of the individual Parameter Plans.

To find out more read the:

Hogwood Garden Village Arborfield SDL - hybrid planning application - revised design and access statement (July 2015) – Part C and D

The Strategic Development Framework Plan will be developed at the Reserve Matters Planning Application stage.

On Jan 2017 the Executive approved the Strategic Development Framework Plan and for the scheme to be developed to Reserve Matters Application.

The Details of the Planning Application progress will be made available under the Planning Application section at completion.

To find out more read the:

Planning application

Reserved Matters planning approval for the Southern Section was granted in February 2020. Full details are available on the planning portal by searching for application number 192997. To view the outline planning application approved in January 20217, search for application number 273017. 

Design and Construction

Detailed design of the scheme was completed in Spring 2021. In parallel with this, early enabling works to support main construction focusing on compound set-up, ecological mitigation and utility diversions began in April 2021 with main works starting in the summer and expected to run through to Summer 2022. 

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