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Route Option Appraisal (South)

The illustrative preferred spatial framework plan for NMRES was developed as a result of the feedback from the consultations as the master planning progressed through the planning application as follows:

  • Initial consultation response 
  • Response to community planning weekend 
  • Final design response 
  • Development framework plan 

An alternative link to Hogwood Industrial Estate, to reduce the number of HGVs on Park Lane, called Hogwood spur, was introduced between NMRES and existing Park Lane.

The design evolution is summarised in the following study:

Consultation (South)

The community planning event for the Arborfield Garrison SDL was held in January 2013. Among the key issues were Highways and Transport and green issues. The outcomes were reviewed and summarised by the project teams.

The Parish councils were consulted on the Hogwood Garden Village proposals in June 2014.

The pre application consultation with local people was conducted with explanatory leaflets. Approximately 8000 were delivered to homes by post.

By September 2014, 108 responses had been received which had been taken into consideration in preparation of the proposals for outline planning application. 

This was followed by static exhibition, with members of the team available to answer questions. These were held on 17 July 2014 at Finchampstead Baptist Church and 19 July 2014 at Henry Street Garden Centre in Arborfield.

To find out more read the:

This document includes Consultation Leaflet and Consultation Exhibition Boards.

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