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26th April 2024

Nine Mile Ride Extension

Schedule of work

  1. January 2019: Outline planning permission
  2. February 2020: Full planning permission
  3. Winter 2020/21: Complete detailed design
  4. Spring 2021: Begin construction
  5. Summer 2022: Open for traffic

Current project status

Main construction works began in May 2021 and have been substantially completed, with some minor remedial works to be completed before the road opens in Summer 2022.

  • New road tie-in works to Hogwood Lane / Park Lane and Nine Mile Ride / Park Lane - Summer/Autumn 2021
  • Carriageway works - Summer 2021 to late Spring 2022
  • Project completion - Spring 2022


Nine Mile Ride Extension (NMRE) connects the existing A327 Eversley Road in the north with the Nine Mile Ride / Park Lane junction in the south.

The NMRE construction is in 2 sections. The Northern section between A327 Eversley Road and the lane next to Hogwood Industrial Estate is complete while the Southern section is on course to open in Summer 2022.

Why we're building Nine Mile Ride Extension - South (NMRES)

We are committed to the development of 3,500 new homes with associated transport and green community infrastructure at Arborfield Garrison Strategic Development Location (SDL).

The SDL comprises of the Garrison site, Hogwood Farm and land immediately to the south. The land at Hogwood Farm forms the southern part of this SDL and is identified as having the capacity for 1500 new homes.           

The Nine Mile Ride Extension South (NMRES) is proposed to be the primary road in and out of SDL, connecting the existing A327 with Nine Mile Ride and provide important access for the main employment area.  

The council adopted the Core Strategy Development Plan that identified the extension of existing Nine Mile Ride and Park Lane junction to the A327 Eversley Road.

Subsequently in October 2011 we adopted the Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) to guide the SDL development.

The SPD was prepared through a consultation process in 2010 and 2011 involving the public, stakeholders, representatives from public sector agencies, landowners, officers and members of the council. 

The consultation process included:

  • 3 workshops to help inform the initial Options Phase of the SPD (a stakeholder workshop and 2 community workshops) 
  • An exhibition on options 
  • A first statutory consultation 
  • A consultation with Wokingham community hubs 
  • A second statutory consultation 

The council executive adopted the approved illustrative preferred spatial framework plan included in the SPD.

This plan will be subject to ongoing refinement as the master planning of the SDL progresses through the Outline and Reserved Matters stages.

Take a look at the Major New Roads map.

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