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19th July 2023

New residents and housing

Building works concerns

Working hours on building sites are generally Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, and Saturday from 8am to 1pm. On Sundays and Bank Holidays no building works are allowed. If you have a complaint about the building on one of the major development sites, call us on 0118 908 8100 or email  

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Getting around

  • The My Journey website is your one stop destination for sustainable travel information, including cycle routes, walking maps, and public transport timetables
  • Visit our transport section for more details about local travel

Find your nearest doctors surgery

To find your nearest doctors surgery, type your location into the NHS choices website.

New residents meetings and social groups

When there are about 100 new homes being lived in, we host a ‘new neighbours’ meeting to welcome new residents to Wokingham. We use this meeting to introduce ourselves, our partners and the services that we provide. We work with partners in this effort, usually the developers, Churches Together and housing associations. We encourage the residents to build relationships, establish a Facebook group, and then start a Residents Association. Some of the events we’ve held in the past include pub quiz nights and community lunches.

Email to find out about the community-building work we are doing in your area.


The Shinfield Parish major development site will see about 3,000 new homes in total, spread over extensions to Shinfield village, Three Mile Cross and Spencers Wood.

All of the allocated sites that make up this major development location have outline planning permission. Of the 2,765 that have reserved matters or full planning permission, 1,595 homes were occupied in March 2020.

Shinfield Village  

  • Shinfield West (Shinfield Meadows) Phase 1 and 2 - 1,200 new homes and an additional 150 places for specialist housing to include sheltered housing. Phase 1 - 359 homes complete. Phase 2 - 114 homes complete.  
  • Cutbush Lane – 126 new homes. All complete
  • The Manor – this development is just outside the development limits of the Strategic Development Location, but can be considered part of the major development as it is adjacent. 125 new homes. 37 homes complete.
  • Land south of Cutbush Lane - 249 new homes. 

Three Mile Cross and Spencers Wood

  • Land to the east of both villages, north and south of Croft Road – 899 new homes. 577 homes complete
  • Land north of Hyde End Road - 31 new homes. All complete
  • Small site north of Croft Road (Darcliffe Homes) - 9 new homes. All complete
  • 2 Rose Cottage sites on Croft Road - 6 new homes. All complete
  • Land east of Basingstoke Road, at the northern end of Spencers Wood - 100 new homes. All complete
  • Land east of Basingstoke Road and north of Grazeley Road - 272 new homes. All complete
  • Land at Parklands, Spencers Wood, has been granted permission at appeal for up to 55 new homes 

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