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Emotional Wellbeing Hub

Emotional Wellbeing Hub

What is the Emotional Wellbeing Hub?

The Emotional Wellbeing Hub provides free support and advice. We provide a central point of contact for young people, families, and professionals to access mental health services.

This service is for people who have concerns about the emotional or mental health of a child or young person aged between 0 and 19 years. The service is also available if you're a young person needing support.

How the hub can help

Through the Emotional Wellbeing Hub we can:

  • Offer you advice and guidance
  • Discuss your concerns / needs with us
  • *Support for you from local support services including Primary Mental Health Team 4 Youth, ARC Youth Counselling and Kooth Online Counselling

*Please note we do not arrange support, we work with these groups but can only refer to PMHT4Y, the others have their own referral routes.

Make a referral

The emotional wellbeing hub is aimed at children and young people with mild to moderate emotional wellbeing needs up to their 19th birthday.

If you're: 

  • A young person seeking help
  • Referring a child or young person

Complete the Emotional Wellbeing Hub referral form (Word document)

Make sure you provide your contact details if you would like to discuss your options further, or need help completing the form.

Alternatively, you can phone on 0118 974 6000 (Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:00pm).

Support for schools and professionals

We provide training and support for schools and professionals, to identify emotional wellbeing and mental health needs and prevent the support needs becoming more severe.

We also run a regular Emotional Wellbeing Forum for professionals, to help identify the best way to meet the needs of children and young people and their families. 

The Forum is a regular meeting where a range of professionals can talk about the needs of children.

Urgent help

The Emotional Wellbeing Hub is unable to provide urgent or emergency support.

If you're concerned that the child or young person is at a high level of risk related to mental health difficulties call: 

  • Children and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) Rapid Response on 0300 365 1234 - 8.00am to 10.00pm Monday to Friday (Excluding Bank Holidays) or 9.00am - 5.00pm Weekends and Bank Holidays

Outside of the hours of 8am-10pm call: 

This number is the 24 hour Berkshire Adults mental health crisis team.  The team is designed to support adults in a mental health crisis, however they are able to take calls from young people and parents; and offer advice and direction to support you and your child) or NHS 111.

Other mental health support services

Read our emotional and mental health support for young people page to find more support services.

You can get free support from Kooth online counselling – they provide free and anonymous online counselling and support from other young people. This support is available for young people aged to 11 to 19.

Our Local Offer directory - this shows the support and help you can get locally.

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