Last updated:

4th April 2024

Council Tax Reduction overpayments and appeals

What is an overpayment?

An overpayment is an amount of Council Tax Reduction you have received, but are not entitled to.

Overpayments usually happen following a change, and where we have not been notified in time to revise your benefit entitlement. For example, if your income has increased.

If you have a change in your circumstances, it's important to let us know straight away. 

What happens if I have an overpayment of Council Tax Reduction?

We will send you a new Council Tax bill which will include the overpaid Reduction. We will let you know the cost of the new instalments.

What if I disagree with the overpayment?

If you disagree with the overpayment you can

  • Contact us and ask us to look at the decision again, or
  • Appeal against the decision

How to appeal

If you want to appeal your Council Tax Reduction decision, write to us telling us what you disagree with and why.  We will look at your claim again.

If you still disagree with our decision

If you are still unhappy with our decision, after making an appeal to us, you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal Service. Visit the Valuation Tribunal Service website for more details.

They can only make a decision on

  • Whether you are entitled to Council Tax Reduction
  • How much Council Tax Reduction we have awarded you under our scheme  

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