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22nd September 2023

Apply for Housing Benefit and/or local Council Tax Reduction

Get ready before you apply

You can use our online application form for Housing Benefit (and/or Council Tax Reduction). If you don’t have time to complete it in one go, you can save it and retrieve it at a later date (up to 14 days).

If you decide to save it, you will be given a reference, which you will need to keep safe, in order to return to your application.

Information you'll need

Before you start your online application, please make sure you have the following information to hand:

  • The amount of rent you pay
  • National insurance number for you (and your partner – if applicable)
  • Income and capital for you (and your partner – if applicable)
  • Income for other people that live with you (if applicable)
  • Your Council Tax account number, if you have one
  • The sort code and account number of the bank account you want your housing benefit paid in to 

Evidence required

To claim Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction you will need to provide a range of evidence, including:

  • 2 forms of identity for you (and your partner – if applicable)    
  • Documents showing your National Insurance number (and your partner – if applicable)
  • Evidence of Child Benefit you receive for your children
  • Birth certificate for children
  • Evidence of income for any non-dependant person(s) living with you
  • Evidence of any student bursary, grant or loan
  • Payslips for any paid employment
  • Accounts for any self-employment that shows a summary of your income and expenditure
  • Details of any other income you receive
  • Details of child care costs
  • Evidence of all capital and savings
  • Evidence of the rent you pay

For more information on the types of evidence we will accept, view our evidence check list.

For proof of identity and National Insurance number:

  • You must always provide original documentation  
  • Send them or call into our offices at Shute End
  • Documents will be scanned and returned to you
  • If you send your documents in the post, remember to pay the correct postage
  • Make sure you attach your name and address to any documents you send in
  • If you using our online application form, submit it and then forward the documents straight away
  • Your claim will not be processed until this proof is provided

For all other proof (income, savings etc.) we will also accept:

  • Photocopies

  • Scanned images
  • Photographs

If you are completing our online form, you will be able to upload your evidence as you go through the application. Instructions on how to do this will be shown on screen as you go through the form.  

If you can’t upload your evidence, post it to us or call into our offices at Shute End

Once we receive your application, we will check it to make sure you have sent us all your evidence. We will tell you if we need any further information. It is important you provide all the evidence as soon as possible, otherwise it will slow down your claim.


Use the button below to apply. Then choose 'make a new claim' to apply for Housing Benefit. You can also apply for local Council Tax Reduction at the same time. If you already get Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction and want to claim the other, choose ‘Apply for additional type of benefit’.

Apply for Housing Benefit / Council Tax Reduction

Feedback to us

Our online application for Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Reduction is new and is a trial service and we would welcome your feedback about the process. Contact the Benefits team at


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