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Food waste collections

Food waste collections

Food waste collection days

Your first food waste collection will be on the same day as your rubbish and recycling.

You'll get weekly collections like your rubbish and recycling.


  • Line your food waste caddy with the liners we give you or you can use bread bags, newspaper or kitchen towels
  • Only put loose food waste in the caddy - not the packaging
  • When it's full, tie up the caddy liner and put it in the outdoor food waste container - residents in flats should transfer caddy liners containing food waste in the red communal bin, stored in the bin store
  • We'll only collect food waste from the outdoor food waste bin

Can I use a compostable wrapper as a food caddy liner?

Yes. Compostable bags / wrappers can be used as a liner in food waste caddy. However, any liners, including compostable ones, are removed before the food waste enters the anaerobic digestions process and are sent to the Energy from Waste Plant for the energy recovery.

What you can put in the food waste caddy

You can put in:

  • All cooked and uncooked food
  • Tea bags and coffee grounds
  • Vegetable peelings, banana skins, apple cores
  • Pet food
  • Out of date food not in its packaging
  • Cooking oil in sealed plastic bottle - this needs to be in the outdoor food waste container on collection day

What you can't put in the food waste caddy

You can't put in:

  • Cling film, wrapping and tin foil
  • Pots, trays
  • Garden waste
  • Pet mess, litter or bedding


How can I dispose of compostable packaging?

If you do not compost at home, place your compostable packaging in your blue rubbish bags for disposal.

Collections are weekly at the same time as your rubbish and recycling. 

Make sure you leave it out:

  • By 6.30am on the collection day
  • On the edge of your property as near to kerb as possible without causing obstruction

Bank Holidays

Collections may be earlier than normal on bank holidays so put your waste out the night before. 

If your food waste isn't collected you can report it as a missed collection. 

We'll return to collect as long as:

  • Your food waste was in the black outdoor container we provide
  • There was no packaging in with the food waste
  • Your food waste was out by 6.30am


Report a missed collection

Where to get a new or replacement food waste caddy

If you're new to the borough or need a replacement you can get food waste caddies from:

Where to get food waste liners from

If you're new to the borough or need more caddy liners you can get caddy liners from:

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