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Start typing your road or street name into the search box below. Then select the correct result from the list that appears.

If you live in a communal property, with bulk bins for your general waste and recycling, this look up does not apply.

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About Blue Bin Bag delivery

This year most households will receive their final one roll of 20 blue bags. This is enough for 1 blue bag to be put out per week between April and mid-August. Then you will start to use the black bin for your new fortnightly collections. View the Wokingham Waste Changes (PDF document) for more information.

Households that will be staying on a weekly bag collection will receive one roll of 54 bags. This is enough for one blue bag to be put out per week until the end of March 2025. View the Wokingham Bin Guide (PDF document) for more information.

Please read our page on how waste collection works, as it contains useful information about the waste changes coming this summer.

Undelivered blue bag allocation

If you have not received a roll of 20 blue bags please click on the form below. After filling in the form you will receive a voucher. Take the voucher to your nearest collection hub from 18 March to receive your blue bags.

Report undelivered blue bags

If you live in a lanes round and have your waste collected by a smaller caged vehicle, contact us if you have not received your roll of 54 bags by 22 March.

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