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18th July 2023

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

What is the Community Infrastructure Levy?

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a planning charge. It allows us to charge developers who are building in our area.

It applies all development where there is an increase in floorspace. It is charged in £ per square metre of gross internal floorspace. The charges are based on type and location of the development.

We charge Community Infrastructure Levy on:

  • Residential development
  • Sheltered housing
  • Residential institutions
  • Extra-care housing
  • Retail development (in certain locations, please refer to the charging schedule for further information)

For all other development types there is no charge.

For more details visit information about the Community Infrastructure Levy on the website.

How much does Community Infrastructure Levy cost

What will Community Infrastructure Levy monies be spent on?

The money can be used to pay for lots of things needed to support growth of an area such as:

  • Community facilities
  • New roads
  • Parks and play areas

Town and Parish Councils will also receive a meaningful proportion of the money raised. This can be up to 25 percent of receipts in areas with an adopted Neighbourhood Plan and up to 15 percent (capped at £100 per existing Council Tax dwelling) in areas without a Neighbourhood Plan.

Please see the relevant parish website in order to see the parishes individual annual CIL statement setting out the amount of CIL received, how much was spent and what it was spent on.

Infrastructure Funding Statement

Following an update to the CIL Regulations in 2019, the council is now required to publish an Infrastructure Funding Statement on an annual basis. This has replaced the Regulation 123 list and will set out the Council’s CIL expenditure and future expenditure of CIL. See below for the document: 

Community Infrastructure Levy now live 

We approved our Community Infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule on 19 February 2015. Any new development without outline planning permission granted before this date may be liable to pay.

Find out more below:

Community Infrastructure Levy Annual Report

To make sure that the levy is open and transparent we prepare short reports on the levy for each financial year:

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