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19 January 2024

Signing up to a new future for social care

The future of adult social care locally is looking bright, as Wokingham Borough Council signed up to a new Social Care Future Charter at last night’s Council meeting.

Signing of the Adult Social Care Future Charter at Council by the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Leaders of the political parties and representatives from the Social Care Future Core group

The Social Care Future Charter charter was inspired by the national Social Care Future movement which seeks to change the way people think about social care. The charter has been developed with groups of residents and organisations with different experiences of social care in the borough, who were brought together at a launch event last summer to talk about what mattered to them.

Four residents from the Social Care Future Core Group, which has been established to support the delivery of the vision, came along to present the charter to council and talk about the importance of being heard and what this means to them.

A vision for social care

The new charter sets out a vision for social care in the borough with an emphasis on finding a way to ensure people who draw on social care support are central to the decisions being made about their support, sharing power as equals and enabling everyone to live ‘gloriously ordinary lives’.

And now the council is encouraging residents, organisations and businesses across the borough to sign up to the charter as well, showing their support for a rethink to how care is perceived and delivered, not just by the council but across our community.

The Charter

The Social Care Future vision set out in the charter is that everyone in the Wokingham borough should have the support, resources and opportunities to live in a place they call home, with the people and things that they love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter most.

The charter identifies five key changes to ‘unlock a gloriously ordinary life’:  

  1. Communities where everyone belongs
  2. Living in the place we call home
  3. Leading the lives we want to live
  4. More resources, better used
  5. Sharing power as equals

It also identifies principles for how we will bring about positive change:

  • Working together as equal partners
  • Treating everyone with honesty and fairness
  • Respecting the diversity of people
  • Including and listening to everyone
  • Building on people’s strengths, their networks, and resources from the local community
  • Using clear, kind and easy to understand communication and information
  • Being open when things are difficult to do, and work out what we can do together
  • Focusing our efforts on what is important to people and make sure it is happening

Working together with individuals to create a bright future for social care

“Social Care Future is an initiative I’m very proud to be part of.” Said Cllr David Hare, executive member for health, wellbeing and adult services. “It’s been my dream for many years that everyone should be treated as equal and those needing support are given a stronger voice.

“This charter marks a real change to how social care is perceived and delivered within the borough. We’re at the start of a journey which we know will bring challenges, but, by continuing to work closely with the individuals who both access support and deliver services, we believe we can achieve a much brighter future for care.

“I’d encourage everyone to join the Social Care Future movement and show their support by signing up to the charter on our website. I’d also encourage residents with lived experience of social care to consider getting involved, signing up to our new newsletter and coming along to one of our workshops or events. Your stories, experience, and ideas will help us shape adult care and improve the offer together.”

Working together to make things better

Local resident, Jay, who draws on care and support and attended the Council meeting to talk about his experiences said: "I go to the Social Care Future meetings and we talk about what needs improving. It is a friendly meeting, where people are treated with respect. My views matter and I am listened to. I would like more people to get involved in Social Care Future, because it’s a great way to work together to make things better.”

Show your support and sign up to the Social Care Future Charter

You can find out more and sign up to the charter on our new Wokingham Borough Social Care Future webpages.

In doing so, you can also opt in to receive the Wokingham Borough Social Care Future newsletter, which will share the latest news and information, events, gatherings and opportunities to get involved.

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