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19 June 2024

Return your postal ballot pack as soon as possible

The first batch of postal vote packs have been dispatched for the general election on Thursday 4 July

Postal voting

Residents voting by post in the upcoming general election are being reminded to keep an eye out for their postal vote packs and to return them as soon as possible.

The first batch of postal vote packs have been dispatched, but not all will be sent at the same time.

The arrival of your postal vote will depend on how recently you have applied. However, the council usually sends these by first class post about two weeks before polling day. The final batch of postal votes will be sent out on Wednesday 26 June.

Once received, postal voter packs should be returned as soon as possible using a Royal Mail post box.

If you miss the post, you can hand it in at the council offices at Shute End in Wokingham, or at your polling station on election day. However, choosing to hand in your postal vote will mean that you must complete an additional form with an authorised member of staff. If you do not, your postal vote will be rejected.

The council is therefore urging residents to act promptly and ensure postal votes are returned using a Royal Mail post box.

The postal vote pack will include:

  • A ballot paper
  • An envelope
  • A postal voting statement

Follow the instructions, mark your ballot paper and sign and give your date of birth on the postal voting statement.

Put everything in the pre-addressed envelope and send it to the council’s electoral services team in order for your vote to be counted. You do not need to put a stamp on the envelope.

If for some reason your ballot paper is spoilt, do not throw any part of the pack away. Instead, residents can return it to the council and a replacement will be issued up to 5pm on polling day.

Changes to postal vote handling

As part of recent changes to elections and voting, there are new rules around postal vote handling to be aware of.

Voters will not be allowed to hand in more than five postal ballot packs in addition to their own. Political parties and campaigners will also be banned from handling postal vote packs.

For more information, contact the council’s electoral services team by email, or call (0118) 974 6000.

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