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19th July 2023

Sports, parks, and recreation

Sports, parks, and recreation

The sports facilities included in the Shinfield Parish major development location consist of upgrades to the sports hub at Ryeish Green so that it will have 6 grass pitches, and improvements to the pavilion and car parking facilities.

There will be a sports hubs at Hyde End Lane, Spencers Wood consisting of 2 pitches which will be part of a later phase of the development.

There will also be a sports hub at High Copse Common, Shinfield West, consisting of playing pitches, including a cricket and sports pavilion, which will be part of the last phase of the development which could be as late as 2026.

There will also be new and improved cycleways and footpaths to improve connectivity between the 3 villages and the new sports facilities.


A new children's play area opened in spring 2017 in the South of Croft Road development, called Croft Gardens.

New recreational open spaces

As part of the new development, there will be several new recreational open spaces. These open spaces will include parks and gardens, public open spaces, children’s play areas, playing pitches, allotments and SANGs (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace).

SANGs (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace), commonly called nature parks, are designed to attract residents and dog walkers as an alternative to the Thames Basin Heath Special Protection Area. This area supports rare ground nesting birds such as the dartford warbler, woodlark and nightjar, and is highly sensitive to visitors.

The nature parks to be provided as part of the Shinfield Parish major development area include

  • Langley Mead nature park (known as Loddon SANG) – this site is located south of Shinfield Village, just off Hyde End Road. It consists of open recreational natural space with footpaths along the river, benches, common grazing land, and a car park. The SANG opened in May 2015.  An extension to the SANG, to land south of Arborfield Road, was refused by planning committee. Ref:181499 
  • Five Acres nature park – this site is located near Ryeish Green. It consists of an open recreational natural grass field with a pond. The SANGs (Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace) is now fully open to the public.
  • Clare’s Green Field nature park – this site is an existing council-owned site that was already open to the public and which had improvements funded by the development
  • May’s Farm Meadow nature park – this is located near the junction of Church and Hyde End lanes. It consists of open recreational natural space with a lake, footpaths and a car park. It opened in November 2015
  • Ridge nature park – this is located near Ryeish Green Lane and Shinfield village. It will consist of meadows and hedgerows along a prominent landscape ridge with far-reaching views. It will come in phases, with the first phase in late 2017 and the rest expected to open in 2022
  • Sports pavilion at High Copse Farm.  Ref: 190410.  Application withdrawn.  The applicant will revise the landscaping for the scheme in consultation with planning officers and we will receive a revised scheme in the future  
  • Sports pitches and allotments - approved in March 2020. Ref: 173477 

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