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19th July 2023

Schools and community facilities


There will be 2 primary schools in the Shinfield Parish development location - 1 in Spencers Wood and 1 west of Shinfield village. The Shinfield West school will have 2 forms of entry with a nursery, and be able to accommodate up to 3 forms of entry. The school is now built and opened in September 2020. See top of page for admissions information.

The Spencers Wood school will also have up to 3 forms of entry, and will include a nursery. Outline planning permission, granted in 2010, states that the school should be open by the time the 200th house is occupied.

Alder Grove Church of England Primary School

Alder Grove Church of England Primary School is our new primary school in west Shinfield. It is managed by the Keys Academy Trust and opened in September 2020. For more information about the new school and how you can apply for a place for your child, visit the Keys Academy Trust website

In order to make good practical use of the new school building, while the number of children in attendance grows, the upper floor is subject to a change of use application for offices for use by the Education Team, for a temporary period until required by the school. This will allow dual use of the school with teaching taking place on the lower floors and office use on the upper floor. This application has now been approved.

Community facilities

The development will include an extension to the existing village centre in Shinfield to include a new community building as well as a supermarket, and other retail shops and office space nearby.

Included in the outline planning permission for the Three Mile Cross / Spencers Wood development is provision for upgrades to a Listed barn to convert it into a community building.

British Museum Archive Facility

On-site works are underway for a 15,000 metre square archive facility for the British Museum (BM-ARC). Ref: 182059.  For further information, visit the British Museum website.

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