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19th July 2023

Tenant audit

Find out about tenant services and how to have your say

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If you have not had a visit from us about the tenant audit email or call 0118 974 3770 or 0118 974 3758 to make an appointment.

What is the purpose of the tenants audit?

The tenant audit will do a number of things:

  • Involve tenants in having more say in the services we provide
  • Help with future planning of services that suits tenants needs
  • Ensure that future services are planned and delivered with a focus on equality, diversity and good relations
  • Identify people who may need to be re-housed by showing up any over-crowding of properties or under-occupation such that we can better match size of property to size of family
  • Uncover any fraud
  • Sign-post people to other services that are available
  • Identify where sub-letting is taking place


What kind of information is being collected?

We will collect demographic information (e.g. age, gender and ethnicity). 

How long will it take to audit all of the tenants?

It should take about 2 years to audit existing tenants. New tenants will automatically be audited when they receive their tenancy agreement. Once the audit has been completed, it will begin again. 

Why are tenants asked to provide proof of identity?

We ask for proof of identity to guard against fraud, so that the person who has the Tenancy Agreement is the person who is occupying the home.

How is the tenants audit value for money?

The tenant audit is value for money because it helps to: 

  • Identify fraud
  • Remove people who are dishonestly occupying council housing and 
  • Help shorten waiting times for people who are on the council housing waiting list
  • Make sure tenants are living in accommodation that is appropriate for their family size
  • Improve our service, based on your feedback

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