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15th August 2023

Tenancy agreement

Find out about the council housing tenancy agreement

A copy of your Tenancy Agreement and Tenant Handbook can be downloaded below:

What if I want to move out?

If you want to move out (end your tenancy) you must give us 4 weeks written notice. 

If we receive a letter from you but it does not clearly state that 4 weeks written notice is being given with the intention to end the tenancy, we will contact you for clarification. Contact us if you need any help.

What if I owe rent?

Any rent still owed at the end of your tenancy must be paid. Contact us for advice.

What if I, or my partner, moves out?

If you, or your partner, wants to move out you have 2 options

  • You can cancel your tenancy completely or
  • You, or your partner (whoever is moving out) can make a written request to ask us to assign the tenancy to the remaining tenant. If this option is considered, there can be no further changes made to your tenancy

If you are getting a divorce, you can get a Property Adjustment Order which can transfer your tenancy. This is an order of the Court in divorce proceedings and will not affect current tenancy rights.

What happens if I end my tenancy and someone is still living there?

You must leave the property vacant when you end your tenancy. This means that the property must be given back to the council with no other occupiers or rights affecting the property. 

Unauthorised occupants will be interviewed and told they have no right to occupy the premises. If they do not leave the property we will seek a Court Order to remove them.

What happens if a tenant dies?

If a tenant dies and there are no known relatives or next of kin, we will attempt to find out who has responsibility for the tenant’s affairs. We will ask them to provide a written termination of this tenancy, stating when the keys will be returned. If there are rent arrears, these will be recovered from the former tenant’s estate.

What happens when the tenancy termination has been accepted?

The next of kin will receive a letter from us, accepting the termination of the tenancy agreement and confirming the date the keys are due back and enclosing a rent account statement.

The Tenancy Agreement states that all keys must be returned by 12 noon on the Monday after the week of moving out. 

What happens if the keys are not returned by midday on Monday?

If the keys are not back by 12 noon, a further week’s rent will be charged and the tenant will be liable for this rent. If it is necessary to change the locks, the outgoing tenant will be charged for this work.

Leaving your home

Your Housing Officer will visit you before you leave to consider various matters with you.

When you leave the property, you must clear all your belongings from the property including any items in the loft, gardens or outbuildings. If you rent a garage and are terminating the licence, the garage must also be cleared. If you leave any items at the property without the Council’s agreement, the Council will clear them and charge you the cost of removal. Any items left at the property cease to be your property and become the Council’s property.

Any rubbish which is left at the property will be removed and the costs recharged to you.

When you leave your home, please ensure that the property is left clean and in a good state of repair and decoration. All cupboards should be swept out and surfaces washed down and the bathroom and lavatory must be thoroughly cleaned. Any damage to fittings in your home should be made good before you leave. You will be charged for the cost of any damage not made good.

The property should be cleared of floor coverings unless permission to leave them has been given by the Council.

If work on the property has to be carried out because you have failed to make the necessary repairs, you will receive a bill itemising the work and the costs.


When you move out you can ask Royal Mail to redirect your mail, for a fee. We can't redirect your mail for you.

Gas, water an electric

You should arrange for final readings to be taken of gas, water and electricity meters. You are advised to take your own readings in case of dispute. Do not ask for disconnection as a new tenant will occupy the premises soon. 

In winter months, the water supply should be drained to prevent freezing pipes.  Please contact the Area Housing Officer to arrange for a plumber to drain the property if it will be left unoccupied before the date of the termination of tenancy.

Rechargeable costs

If any of the following costs are incurred by the Council, you will receive an invoice shortly after the tenancy end date asking you to arrange payment:

  • Removal of any items left in the property without the Council’s permission
  • Cleaning and clearing the property of any rubbish
  • Changing the locks to the property if the keys are not returned within the specified time
  • Additional work which should have been carried out before the date of the termination of tenancy, for example, repairing any damage to the property which is not made good

Contact us if you have any questions.

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