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12th October 2023

Private rented scheme

Find out about our rental scheme for landlords

We want to make it as easy as possible for landlords to work with us. As a landlord, you can rent your properties through our private rented scheme. The scheme introduces individuals and families in need of housing to local landlords.

Why choose us?

The service is completely free. All we ask is that the property you are renting out meets the same basic safety standards as for any other letting (see property requirements below). 

The scheme also offers the following incentives:

  • Free tenant finder service - no commission to pay
  • Guaranteed rent payments up to the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rate for the period of the tenancy (up to 2 years)
  • Financial incentives for each property let through the scheme
  • Council will vet tenants to ensure they are suitable (including immigration status, housing history, benefit status) and arrange viewings of properties
  • Free advice for tenancy management issues
  • Option of choosing preferred tenants following viewings
  • Personalised service to you which includes regular visits to your property

Property requirements

As a minimum standard your property should have: 

  • Gas Safe safety certificate 
  • Energy Performance Certificate 
  • One smoke alarm (hard wired) per storey 
  • Carbon monoxide detectors (10-year lithium battery or hard wired) by the kitchen, boiler, and other gas appliances (where separate) 
  • Floor covering such as carpets, laminate or vinyl flooring 
  • Adequate ventilation, heating and lighting throughout property 
  • Secure and well-maintained exterior 
  • Fridge/freezer, cooker and ideally a washing machine

Letting timescales

The private lettings market is fast moving and our scheme aims to reflect this. We have available tenants so are usually able to complete a tenancy within a short timescale. To avoid delays please ensure that the property is clean, safe and ready to let, with all documents in place (e.g. gas safety certificate.)

Tenant screening and support

Where possible we will conduct assisted viewings. As a council, we work with tenants to prevent them becoming homeless and help them find suitable rented accommodation.


We will pay a deposit which is normally equivalent to 5 weeks' rent. The deposit must be protected under an approved deposit protection scheme and the council's interest will need to be listed on the deposit certificate when it is registered in the scheme.

Guaranteed rent payments

We offer guaranteed rent to private rented sector landlords who want to work with the council by providing tenancies to alleviate homelessness in the borough. This includes a payment of up to 5 weeks' rent as a deposit. This means as a landlord you will not be at risk of your tenants accruing rent arrears because the rent will be paid directly by the council.

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) rates

To qualify for the scheme, the council requires that properties are let to households referred by us at up to the Local Housing Allowance rates.

The rates below are effective from 1 April 2021. It should be noted that the rates below have been increased by the Government due to the Covid-19 pandemic and may be subject to change.

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) weekly rates

  • Shared accommodation: £89.75
  • 1 bedroom: £182.96 
  • 2 bedrooms: £218.63 
  • 3 bedrooms: £264.66 
  • 4 bedrooms: £356.71 

Contact us

If you are interested in hearing more about the scheme, email: or call us on 0118 974 6000.

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