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If you are not part of one of the groups listed above, you can see other options for help further down this page.

Help at Christmas

Visit the Help at Christmas page to see what support you can get this festive season.

    Find out about all the Government schemes

    The Household Support Fund is provided by the Government.

    This is part of £842million of additional funding has been made available to help the most vulnerable across England by the Government. In Wokingham Borough we have been given £1million.

    Visit the Government's cost of living help pages for more information. 

    Share information to help others

    We've published a cost of living help toolkit, to share with your networks locally to spread the word about help options.

    This includes easy to copy words and graphics to share online, posters and more. Check the:

    Talk to someone if you need help

    Contact Citizens Advice, Wokingham, to find the most appropriate support for your situation. Use the online referral form or call 0808 278 7958, Monday to Friday. 

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    Money help

    Financial support for cost of living

    Help for families

    Cost of living help for people with children

    Bills and home costs

    Help with regular payments relating to your home

    How to help others

    How to help others with the cost of living crisis

    Tackling Poverty Strategy

    How we're reducing poverty in the area

    Help with essentials

    Get food, crisis support and other advice

    Priority services

    Help from utility providers if you are vulnerable

    Help with food

    Crisis and low cost food options

    Get energy efficiency items

    Free items to help lower your bills

    Help at Christmas

    Where you can get help this festive season

    Removing Barriers Grants

    £500 grants for small organisations

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