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9th February 2024

I'm dealing with an emergency

You can apply for Local Welfare Provision for critical short-term, one-off help. The help you get will depend on your situation.

If you’re eligible, we’ll help you as quickly as possible.

To apply you must need help with essentials to stay, or become established in Wokingham Borough, be 16 or older and:

  • Be a resident of Wokingham Borough, or
  • Have been housed out of the area by us, or
  • Have moved to Wokingham Borough after leaving care or prison
  • Not have savings that can be relied upon to meet your needs
  • Not be excluded from applying for public funds on the basis of immigration status
  • Not have received a Local Welfare Provision award in the past 6 months, unless they can demonstrate significant exceptional need
  • Not have been refused a Local Welfare Provision award for the same need in the past 6 months, unless they can demonstrate exceptional circumstances
  • Be without sufficient resources which would in turn cause serious risk to your own, or your family’s health or safety or well-being
  • Not be eligible to receive or have received assistance for the requested funding or support from other public funds

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