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2nd August 2023

Private water supplies

If water is from a well, borehole, spring, river, stream, lake or pond, on private land, it must be registered with the council. Please complete the Private Water Supplies questionnaire (PDF document) and submit to

The council is required to submit an annual report of monitoring and risk assessment activities to the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).  

Risk assessments and monitoring 

The council will carry out risk assessments of private water supplies at least once every five years and will monitor supplies by arranging water sampling and analysis. The frequency and type of sampling is dependent on the outcome of the risk assessment. 

Further information about our responsibilities as a local authority is available in the official DWI guidance


There is a fee payable for carrying out a risk assessment and for the sampling and analysis of private water supplies. See the Fees and Charges page.

If you have a supply which needs testing please email

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