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5th July 2023

Caravan site and park homes

Fit and Proper Person Test    

The Mobile Homes Regulations 2020 require the site operator or manager to apply for registration as a Fit and Proper Person. The Application for inclusion on the fit and proper person register (PDF document) which may be downloaded for completion and returned to

Fit and Proper Persons Register

Councils are required to maintain a public register. If you wish to see the register please email

Site licences

Most privately-owned sites require planning permission and a site licence. For detailed guidance visit the GOV.UK website for more information.

Complete the application for caravan site licence (PDF document) and return to

Changes to Site Licences

To vary a site licence, for example to increase the number of units, the licence holder must apply to us in writing. Please complete the application for caravan site licence alteration (PDF document) and return to We will liaise with the relevant planning department and we may consult residents.

Site inspections

As the licence holder you have a duty to ensure that your site complies with the conditions set out in the site licence. We will undertake inspections of sites, based on a risk assessment. The current standards for sites are the Model Standards 2008.

Site complaints

If you have a complaint about a site your first step should be to contact the site owner or manager. If they fail to resolve the problem please email

Site rules

Site rules which are not covered under the site licence are between the resident and site owner or manager - we can only intervene if there is a breach of the conditions in the licence.

If you are unable to resolve any issues unrelated to the licence conditions we advise that you get advice from LEASE, a solicitor or contact your local citizens advice.

If the rules change, site operators should deposit them with us. An application form is provided to assist operators below.

Appealing against decisions

You can appeal to a tribunal if you disagree with a decision we have made about your site. Details are located at GOV.UK.

More advice can be found at the British Holiday and Home Parks Association and the National Caravan Council.


A new caravan site licence fee and the annual fee is based on the number of caravans/mobile park homes on the site. Please visit our Fees and Charges page for more information.

The application fee for registration as a Fit and Proper Person is set at a two hour set fee based on the Council’s existing hourly rate, plus hourly rate for each hour or part thereof should the application determination go over the two hours. The fee for annual checking is directly cost recovery and will therefore be based on the hourly rate and time taken. Please read our Fit and Proper Person policy.

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