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6th November 2023

Decide where to get married before giving notice

Decide where to get married before giving notice

You must decide where you are going to have your ceremony before you can give notice.

If you decide on a Register Office ceremony, you must contact the Register Office    

  • Availability for a Register Office ceremony is limited to Tuesdays and Thursdays and can only be booked up to 3 months before the ceremony  
  • It takes place in a small office and can only accommodate the couple and 2 witnesses only
  • There is no room for extra guests here or in our waiting room     
  • The room will not accommodate a professional photographer but photographs can be taken by witnesses

If you decide on a venue approved by a local authority (e.g. hotels, restaurants) you must firstly book the date with the venue and secondly book your registrars with the Register Office for that district.

If you want to get married abroad check the website about what you will need to do.

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