Last updated:

12th September 2023

Preparation of accessibility statement

This statement was prepared on 04 July 2023. This statement was last reviewed on 04 July 2023. 

This website was last tested by Zoocha in July 2023 using automated software and manual testing.  The following technology was used: NVDA screen reader with Firefox, JAWS screen reader with Chrome, Magnification programme, high contrast colour on PC, Voiceover and Zoom with iOS on mobile and a review of selected elements with Switch Control and Voice Control. We tested key journeys across our main website platform, available at These included: How to pay council tax, rubbish collection day, register a birth and register for housing online. This also incorporated the header, footer, navigation pages and the home page.  This ensured key page templates were covered.  Other pages and functionality tested were: contact us online, make a complaint, the live help chat, compliance banner.

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