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School governors

School governors

What do school governors do?

School governors are volunteers who make up the decision making body in each school and academy. They help with:

  • Raising the standards of the school
  • Monitoring the progress of improvement targets for the school
  • Deciding school strategy
  • Making sure the school's budget is properly managed
  • Appointing senior school staff, including the head teacher

Governing Boards meet at least once a term. Many use committees to look at more detailed aspects of their work and advise them on decisions. Committees often look at issues like pupil performance, the curriculum, staffing, finance and premises.

Who can be a school governor?

Anyone can apply to be a school governor. You don't have to be a parent of a child in the school or have worked in a school. There are no formal qualifications required, although the skills you offer may help to support effectiveness of the governing board.

To be eligible to become a governor you must be aged 18 or over and complete an application for Disclosure and Barring Service.

How much time will I need to be able to give?

Governors work as a team so the amount of time each of them can give will vary. However you will need to:

  • Be able to prepare for meetings
  • Attend meetings - the governing body meets at least once a term, but you probably will also serve on at least one  committee; committees often meet each half-term
  • Be able to get to meetings which, quite often, will be during the evening but may be early or during the day.
  • Visit the school on occasions during the school day

If you're interested in finding out how to become a school governor, email school.governors@wokingham.gov.uk.

You will get the opportunity to:

  • Develop new skills and to strengthen existing ones
  • Work as part of a team - being a School Governor will give you the opportunity to work with a wide range of people from a variety of social, cultural and religious backgrounds.
  • Gain an understanding of the decision making process of school governing bodies and an awareness of the education system as a whole.
  • Make a real difference and contribute to the good of the community.
  • Undertake training on various aspects of the governor role

To find out about training available for school governors see:

Our governor training is free for all schools who subscribe to our Traded Service for schools.

For non-subscribing schools governor training is available on a pay as you go basis.

If would like to find out more or book any governor training email school.governors@wokingham.gov.uk.

Online resources for governors of subscribed schools

Governors of schools that subscribe to our traded service can login to the governor services website to find useful information.

If you don't know your login details or if your school isn't subscribed, contact your school.

A Governors Digest is produced every term and sent to all governors of schools who subscribe to our traded service. Copies are available on the Wokingham Schools Hub


We have two elected parent governors who serve as voting members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee for Education matters. 

The two positions are currently vacant and nominations are being sought. 

You are eligible to stand for election if you are an elected parent governor who is a parent of a child who attends a Wokingham maintained school.

To apply use the: 

  • School governor nomination form (Word document)

To find out more read the:

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