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19th September 2023

Informing the school and GCSE exams

You'll need to inform the school in writing that you wish to educate your child at home and remove them from the school roll. The school will then inform us.

To help you do this you can use the following sample letters: 

GCSE exams 

If your child has an Education, Health and Care Plan and attends a special school you can still home educate, but you need to get the consent of the special educational needs team, who will maintain and review the plan.  You'll need to arrange GCSE exams with a centre that accepts private candidates.

For summer exams you'll need to register by the end of January of that year. 

As a private candidate it's likely you'll be charged an administration and exam entry fee.

To find a centre read the local centres accepting candidates for GCSEs (PDF document).

An exam centre has been created specifically for EHE (Elective Home Education) pupils with provision for children with disabilities and ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) traits. The centre is called FareGos Exam Centre.  Read the FareGos PDF or email for more details.

Useful websites 

Elective home education policy

For the full policy read the Wokingham elective home education policy (PDF document).


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