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16th April 2024

Starting infant or primary school ages 4 - 5

National Offer Day

Tuesday 16 April 2024 is National Offer Day for Infant/Primary schools. To discuss the results of your child's application, please email the team at, quoting your child's name and date of birth for reference.

To formally accept or decline the school offered to your child, log in to your Citizen's Portal Account.

If you have not applied using our Portal, please use our school place offer acceptance form.

If you have not achieved a place at a preferred school and wish to learn about the appeal procedure, read our school admissions and exclusions appeals page.

Applying for an infant, primary or Junior School September 2024

The deadline for submitting on-time applications has now passed. To submit a late application, please download and complete one of the forms below and return it to

You will also need to provide the reasons for your application being submitted after the national deadline.

Primary and infant school application form (PDF document)

Read our Parents Guide to Primary and Junior School Admissions 2024 to 2025 (PDF document) before making an application.

Which schools can I apply to?

When you make an application list up to four schools in order of preference.

  • Every address in the borough has at least one designated area school. This school is given the highest priority for admissions, and we recommend you include this as one of your choices.
  • You can use our schools designated areas map to find out which designated or catchment area you live in.
  • It's important to remember that if your child attends a nursery or foundation unit which is part of a primary or infant school, there is no automatic transfer or guarantee you will get a place at the school.
  • You can list any infant, primary or junior state school as one of your preferences, even if it is not in our borough.
  • If you want to apply to a private school, you will need to apply to the school directly.

Links to all Wokingham Borough State Infant, Primary and Junior Schools can be found below.

Admission policies and arrangements

Every school follows a set of rules when they allocate school places known as admission arrangements. 

Go to the admission arrangements 2024 to 2025 page to find out more. If a school doesn't have enough places for everyone who applies, the admission rules for that school will be used to decide who will get a place (over subscription policy).

Schools that use our admissions policy

The following schools follow the Wokingham Borough Council Admission Arrangements:

Schools that decide their own admissions arrangements

The following schools use their own admissions policies and apply their own over subscription criteria.

Click on the school to be directed to the schools 2024/2025 admissions policies: 

Schools performance

You can find out how each school is performing on

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