Last updated:

12th September 2023

Admissions arrangements 2024 and 2025

School admission arrangements 2024 to 2025

All admission authorities must determine admission arrangements by 28 February every year, even if they have not changed from previous years and a consultation has not been required.

We determined the admission arrangements for Wokingham Borough community and voluntary controlled schools on 6 January 2023. These can be read, below:

Co-ordinated scheme for admissions

All local authorities are also required to publish the co-ordinated scheme for admission arrangements to the normal admissions round and late applications. Please read ours, below:

Own admission authority schools

Own admission authority schools - foundation, voluntary-aided, trust or academy schools: It is the responsibility of all admission authorities to ensure that admission arrangements comply with the School Admissions Code. For own admission authority schools, the governing body is the admissions authority and it must determine their school admission arrangements annually.

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