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3rd July 2023

Admission arrangements 2022 and 2023

Wokingham Borough Council admission arrangements 2022 to 2023

Every school has a set of rules known as admission arrangements to help the allocation of places. Admissions authorities (the council and voluntary-aided, academies and free schools) use these rules to allocate places if they receive more applications than places available.

Read our admission policies for community and voluntary controlled schools, below:

Nursery admission

Some schools have a nursery or foundation unit for children aged 3 - 5. Applications are made directly to the school for these places.

Nurseries that set their own arrangements

Some schools set their own arrangements. You can find out which nurseries below:

Nurseries that follow our admission arrangements

Voluntary and community controlled schools set admission arrangements in light of advice from us.

You can view these nurseries in our directory.

Infant, primary and secondary

Schools that set their own admissions arrangements include academies, voluntary-aided and free schools. Visit the individual schools' websites to view their 2022 to 2023 admission arrangements.

Schools that allow the arrangements we set 

This includes voluntary controlled and community schools. Visit the website for a full list of schools in the Borough.

Designated or 'catchment' areas 

Most schools have a designated area for admissions which is given the highest priority. Go to the schools and catchment areas web page to find out more.

Secondary schools that follow the arrangements we set

These are:

  • Bulmershe Secondary School

Sixth form

Most schools in the Borough have a sixth form which covers years 12 and 13.

Sixth forms that set their own admissions

Most secondary schools set their own arrangements for sixth form admissions. You can view these schools in our directory.     

Sixth forms which follow our admission arrangements

Bulmershe School follow our admissions arrangements.

In-year admission

Parents applying for places mid-year (outside the co-ordinated arrangements for initial entry to primary and secondary schools) should check the admissions pages of individual academies and voluntary aided schools or contact the Wokingham School Admissions team for further information.


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