Last updated:

13th October 2023

Waste information for developers

Information for building developers about waste collection

Waste collection advice for developers

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Houses and self contained properties

We advise developers not to build purpose built collection points as once properties are occupied we expect residents to leave waste for collection on the kerbside. If a temporary collection point is needed you should speak to us and Veolia and will depend on how practical and convenient it is to move the collection vehicle around the construction vehicles.

Waste in official blue bin bags and recycling in black boxes provided by us is collected from the edge of that property.

Flats and other communal properties

The bin store should be no more than 10 metres from the highway and a dropped kerb in place. There should be 1 x 360 litre wheeled bin between 3 properties which is provided by the developer. We don't provide rubbish sacks where there are bins in place. Recycling boxes should also be stored in the bin store.

Development site sales offices

If you are a development with a sales office contact us and we can provide you with a supply of blue bags and recycling boxes for when new residents move in.

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