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26th April 2024

Report a problem with litter bins

Overflowing or replacement rubbish bins

Report overflowing bin

Report overflowing bin

Report broken or missing bin

Report broken or missing bin

Emptying litter bins

Litter bins are emptied once or twice a week, depending on the location. If a litter bin is repeatedly vandalised or misused we may make the decision to remove it.

Town and parishes within the Borough may install additional litter bins, which they maintain. We encourage them to provide clear details regarding ownership of the bins, to allow residents to report any problems to the responsible owner.

Due to the ongoing cost of maintaining litter bins, it is rare that we install new bins unless there is a genuine litter problem. Where a litter problem exists we will monitor and review areas and consider relocating existing underused litter bins rather than installing new ones.

See below highway bin emptying schedule:

  • Arborfield- Wednesday
  • Barkham- Wednesday
  • Charvil- Wednesday
  • Crowthorne- Monday and Thursday
  • Earley/Lower Earley - Tuesday and Friday
  • Finchampstead - Monday and Thursday
  • Hurst - Wednesday
  • Remenham - Monday and Thursday
  • Shinfield - Wednesday
  • Sonning - Wednesday
  • Swallowfield - Wednesday
  • Three Mile Cross - Wednesday
  • Twyford - Monday and Thursday
  • Wargrave - Wednesday
  • Winnersh - Tuesday and Friday
  • Wokingham - Monday and Thursday
  • Woodley - Tuesday and Friday

Litter bins located in open space areas or parks are emptied on a different schedule from the highway bins and are emptied at least once a week.

How do I dispose of dog waste?

Use a small plastic bag to pick up dog waste. Tie the bag up and put it in a bin.

You can put dog waste in any litter bin. We don't have any specific dog waste bins.

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