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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

How to request a Tree Preservation Order

To apply for a tree to be included in a Tree Preservation Order (TPO):

Visit our Tree Preservation Order forms page for more guidance or to download a Tree Preservation Order application form (PDF document.) 

Copies of Tree Preservation Orders

Copies of specific Tree Preservation Orders can be found on our Tree Preservation Orders map.

Check if a tree is protected before starting work

Before carrying out work check whether the tree is covered by a Tree Preservation Order on the map below:

 Pruning or felling a protected tree can result in prosecution.

If you plan to carry out work to a protected tree/hedge you must submit an application form. To do so, submit online through the Planning Portal website. Attach a sketch plan of your property showing the position of the relevant tree/hedge. If a tree is to be removed, you should plant a replacement, so mention any replanting proposals your application. Include quantity, size and species wherever possible.

Protection of old (veteran) trees

We are empowered to protect veteran (several hundred years to a thousand years old) trees and other publicly significant trees. For more details about veteran trees, visit the following websites: 

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