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High Hedges and hedgerows

High Hedges and hedgerows

Advice about High Hedges disputes

We recommend that you communicate with the hedge owner to resolve any disputes. Read the High Hedges advice on the Gov.uk website

How we can help with High Hedge disputes

If you have exhausted all other avenues for resolving a hedge dispute you can take your complaint to us. Read the  guidance about complaining to the council on the Gov.uk website and our High Hedges complaint procedures (PDF document.) If you request that we intervene in a private dispute, the fee is £751.80 for each complaint. If you disagree with our decision over a High Hedge dispute you can appeal against our decision.

Apply for permission before removing a hedgerow

Hedgerows are protected under Hedgerow Regulations. Read about Hedgerow Regulations on the Natural England website. Normal trimming, coppicing, laying and removal of dead or diseased shrubs and trees doesn't require prior permission. But if you intend to remove a hedgerow, you will need to apply for permission. Contact us to determine whether a Hedgerow Removal Notice is required.

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