Last updated:

30th June 2023

Grass cutting

Our contractors, Tivoli Group Ltd, maintain and cut grass on:

  • Highway verges
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Children's play areas, youth shelters, skate parks and multi-use games areas
  • Cemeteries at St. Sebastian’s (Finchampstead), Grovelands Road Cemetery (Spencers Wood), and St Mary’s Closed Cemetery (Shinfield)
  • Sports pitches and tennis courts
  • Some ponds, lakes and watercourses
  • Grassland and wildflower areas 

How often grass is cut

There's no set period of time between cuts. We undertake cutting during growing season, which is between April and September:

  • Times vary according to weather conditions
  • Difficult conditions can often have a knock on effect when cutting is being carried out
  • Long periods of dry weather may mean we don't need to cut the grass

Designated long grass areas

In some areas we'll let the grass grow longer:

  • Where suitable, large highway verges in both rural and urban areas will be left to turn into grassland habitats, but with grass cut regularly around the fringes to ensure grass does not encroach onto pathways, roads or obstruct sight lines.

  • In parkland and other open spaces where appropriate we'll allow margins of grassland to develop instead of cutting right up to the park boundary.
  • We'll avoid cutting grass right up to the bases of trees and instead allow the grass to grow to prevent possible damage to trees.

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