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26th July 2023

Skip Licence

Apply for a skip licence

Apply for a skip licence

A Skip licence is required if you are placing a skip, hippo bag and other skip bags on public highway. Please note that you cannot put a skip on the footway and you do not need a skip licence if you are putting the skip entirely on private land.

Skip licences are only issued to a skip company and not to a person.

Applications require 5 working days’ notice to be processed. If parking dispensations are required, we require 7 working days notice. 


The cost of a Skip licence is £65 for 2 weeks and £45 for each week thereafter.

Please note that if there are parking restrictions in place, parking dispensation will be required from our Parking Services Team at an additional cost of £46.70 per week.

Payment will be requested once road space is confirmed.

How to apply

You can apply online for a skip licence. Before you apply you should read our terms and guidance [PDF document]. During the application process you will need to provide:

  • Location Plan
  • Copy of a valid public liability insurance certificate for a minimum of £10 million

Apply for a skip licence

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