Last updated:

12th September 2023

Report problems with street lights

Urgent faults that require attention within 2 hours

An example of an urgent fault would be if a street light, lit sign or bollard is in a dangerous condition that could potentially cause injury, like:

  • A street lighting column has been struck by a vehicle
  • A part has fallen off/hanging
  • Exposed electrical cables

To report an urgent issue that requires immediate attention please call:

  • Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, call 0118 974 6000 and select the 'highways' option 
  • Monday to Friday out of hours 5pm to 9am, call 0800 212 111 weekends and public holidays

We aim to respond to urgent faults within 2 hours. If urgent faults are raised online, they may not be seen until the next working day

Non urgent faults

Reporting of non-urgent faults, for example a street light, lit sign or bollard that is out of light, a shield request or any other non-urgent issue can be completed using the link below.  To report the issue we will need: 

  • The location and number of the street light, lit sign, or bollard
  • A brief description of the issue
  • To report multiple faults you'll need to create a report for each one

Report a fault 

We aim to respond to non-urgent faults within 28 days.

We will try to repair the light on the first visit, however, it may take longer if:

  • There is a fault with the power supply
  • There are access problems
  • Parts have to be ordered
  • Additional traffic management is required such as temporary traffic signals or road closure

To track an existing report

On the map, select track a fault and enter the reference number.

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