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13th December 2023

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Comment on a planning application

Once you find the planning application, you can then comment on it. Be aware that your comments aren't reviewed or moderated before they're published. We only take into account issues that are material to planning.

You can view plans before you make a comment by using the searching planning applications by details link above.

If you need help measuring plans, read our Adobe Measuring Tool Guide (PDF document).

Material considerations

A material consideration is a matter that should be taken into account in deciding a planning application. Material considerations can include (but are not limited to):

  • Overlooking
  • Loss of light or overbearing impact
  • Noise
  • Parking, highway safety and traffic impact
  • Conservation and heritage issues
  • Design, appearance and materials
  • Local and national planning policy
  • Previous planning decisions
  • Wildlife and ecological impacts
  • Environmental impacts

Issues that can't be taken into account include (but are not limited to):

  • Who the applicant is/their background
  • Loss of a view
  • Loss of property value
  • Loss of trade or increased competition
  • Strength or volume of local opposition
  • Construction noise/disturbance during development
  • Fears of damage to property
  • Maintenance of property 
  • Boundary disputes, covenants or other property rights
  • Rights of way and ownership disputes over rights of way
  • Personal circumstances

Partner Portal

The Partner Portal is for certain consultees to submit comments on planning applications. 

You'll need valid login details to use it. If you're one of these consultees, log in on the Partner Portal website.

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