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Pay or appeal a parking fine

Pay or appeal a parking fine

Pay a parking fine

If you have received a penalty charge notice that starts with the letters 'CW' you can pay or appeal on our parking ticket page.

Pay parking fine online

Appeal (challenge) a penalty charge notice parking fine

To appeal (challenge) a parking fine PCN (penalty charge notice) contact us as soon as possible. Read the notice for details. The parking fine PCN number and say why you don't think you should pay. This is an informal challenge.

We'll then decide whether or not to cancel the PCN parking fine. If we cancel it you have nothing to pay. If we don’t cancel it you can either pay the penalty or wait for the issue of the Notice to Owner.

If you challenge within 14 days and we reject it we'll usually reset the 50 percent rate for a further 14 days. You can check with us.

If the PCN parking fine penalty notice was sent through the post follow the instructions below to make representations. No Notice to Owner is issued in these circumstances. A PCN parking fine sent through the post should be sent within 28 days of the date of the alleged contravention.

If you want to challenge a PCN do not pay it. If you do we'll close the case and can't refund the money paid. 

All appeals must be made in writing

Alternatively you can appeal in writing to the following address

Wokingham Borough Council    
P.O. Box 273   
S98 1RH

All appeals have to be made in writing and can't be dealt with over the phone or in person.


Read our penalty charge notice cancellation guidance (PDF document) or visit the Patrol website for help.

If you still need help call 0333 2341 777.

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