Last updated:

20th July 2023

Apply for access protection markings

Apply for markings for your dropped kerb to stop people from parking in front of your driveway

When to apply

If you have a dropped kerb you can apply for access protection markings. This is a white line painted next to dropped kerb to stop people parking in front of it.

Markings have been successful in stopping people parking but are not legally enforceable.


Access protection markings cost £36.18 per metre.

How to apply

Complete the  access protection markings application form (PDF document). Email a copy of the application to

We'll arrange a visit to see if markings can be installed.

We'll then contact you to let you know our decision and ask you to send us a cheque.

If you already have yellow lines in front of your dropped kerb we won't be able to install access protection markings.

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