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Appeal a Blue Badge application decision

Appeal a Blue Badge application decision

If you are unsuccessful in your application for a Blue Badge, we will contact you, explaining the reasons why.  

If you do not agree with the decision and have further information to support your application, you can ask us to review it. 

Blue Badge review process

To request a review of a Blue Badge decision you will need to:

  • Make a request within 20 working days of the initial decision. (You can use the letter we sent you as a guide.) Email your request to: DPB@wokingham.gov.uk or by post to: Blue Badge Team, Customer Services, Wokingham Borough Council, Civic Offices, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 1BN
  • Detail why you feel the decision is wrong 
  • Provide new relevant supporting medical evidence. (The evidence should give a clear indication of a substantial disability, that details how it affects your ability to walk from your vehicle to your destination. This could be caused by a physical or a non-visible (‘hidden’) disability. Evidence from your GP alone may not be sufficient

The process is fair, consistent and structured. Your request and evidence, plus all previous correspondence and the original application, will be passed to the Occupational Therapist to review. 

Occupational Therapist will review information

The Occupational Therapist will review all information now available against the Blue Badge eligibility criteria and one of the following decisions will be made:

  • Overturn the original decision if, based on the new evidence supplied, you are assessed as eligible for a Blue Badge
  • If you are applying under a physical criteria and you have not already attended for a Mobility Assessment, a Mobility Assessment may be offered. The assessment will be undertaken by an expert assessor. (We will contact you to arrange a convenient date  and time for the assessment to take place)
  • If you are applying under a non–physical (non-visible, ‘hidden’) criteria, only in exceptional circumstances will certification be required by an expert assessor. (We will contact you to arrange a convenient date and time for the assessment to take place)
  • If eligibility is not fully established, your application will be passed to a second Occupational Therapist for an independent review and one of the following decisions will be made: 

  1. Authorise the Blue Badge
  2. Uphold the original decision if based on the evidence supplied, you are assessed as clearly still not eligible for a Blue Badge

Decision in writing within 28 days

Once one of the above actions has been undertaken, you will be informed of our decision in writing within 28 days.

If it has been decided that you are now eligible to receive a Blue Badge, the Blue Badge Team will process the application and you will be informed when your badge will be sent to you.

Once a review has been completed, there is no further right to request a review of the decision.

Local Authorities do not have a legal duty to offer a Blue Badge appeals process.

Complaints about staff

If you are unhappy with the manner or conduct of local authority staff in dealing with your enquiry or Mobility Assessment, you must follow our Complaint procedure.

Each stage of the process will take a maximum of 28 working days to complete. Our decision will be confirmed in writing.

Complaints about the process

If you think we have not applied the Department for Transport (DfT)  guidance correctly, you have a right to contact the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman. Their role is to investigate whether the correct processes have been followed. 

The Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman's role is not to make judgement on the decision reached. 

If your application is unsuccessful and your circumstances change, you can re-apply for a Blue Badge a month after notification of the final outcome of your appeal. 

If your circumstances change and you meet the Department for Transport's ‘eligible without further assessment’ criteria, you can apply for a Blue Badge straight away.

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