Last updated:

9th November 2023

What we're doing about our financial situation

How we're making savings and changes

We continue to make savings each year, reducing costs and being more efficient:

  • £29million in the last six years
  • £12million being made this year

Making savings this year

  • More efficient processes for procurement and IT
  • Leaving roles unfilled when staff leave 
  • Maintaining services in different ways
  • Looking at our buildings and getting the most value we can from them
  • Looking to move out of our expensive Shute End offices to a smaller, cheaper location that will maintain access for residents who need it

Making every penny count

Cllr Imogen Shepherd-Dubey

Executive member for finance Cllr Imogen Shephard-DuBey said: “The low-funding we receive from Government means we must make every penny count – but we need to do so in a way that keeps our finances balanced and our services safe.

“So, we are reducing our staffing levels through careful vacancy management while actively trying to recruit the social workers and other front-line staff needed to keep people safe and well.

“There is a similar balance with investments; we have seen other councils get into terrible trouble with over-ambitious investments; we have in assets, such as the recent purchase of a care home, that have a benefit to the community but also generate income and maintain a high value.”

Establishing and building on partnerships

In the longer term, we must modernise so that it works more closely with partners and residents.

This helps us to to produce local solutions and empower local communities to work efficiently and effectively together.

Cllr Stephen Conway

Leader of the council Cllr Stephen Conway said: “Given the difficult financial position of the country, we believe that successful councils in the future will be those that work with their residents and empower people to take control of their communities.

"We are starting that process by support the community to produce a long-term vision for the borough and by reaching out to partners in the voluntary sector and businesses.

“This will be a long journey, and needs to sit alongside the necessary efficiencies, difficult decisions and sound investments we are making, but it is vital to safeguard our services in the future.”

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