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12th July 2023

Compass Team - Navigating Journeys with Children

The Compass Team will develop new ways of working and provide additional capacity to support social work teams deliver and sustain positive outcomes. It will achieve permanence with children, families, carers and multiagency partners, it will ‘Navigate Journeys with children’ through focusing on:

  • Children remaining at home or in their connected networks when safe to do so (traditionally referred to as edge of care)
  • Children remaining in placements for as long as appropriate and without any unplanned moves (traditionally referred to as placement stability)
  • Children returning home or to their connected networks, so that they can safely leave care and build their relationships and resilience in their local communities (traditionally referred to as reunification)

The team will be made up of a Team Manager, a Psychologist, and three Child and Family Workers.

Visit our Compass Team page for more information about why we formed this new innovative team!

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