Last updated:

11th January 2024


Talk to your local Area Neighbourhood Officer

Come to our walkabout sessions

Walkabouts take place on estates and areas within the Borough. Come along and have a chat with your local Area Neighbourhood Officer about things that are affecting you in your area. 

Talk to us

You can voice your concerns and help us to identify issues in the local area. Our Neighbourhood Housing Officers will work with our relevant staff or external agencies (such as the Police) to discuss and resolve any issues.

Examples of things picked up on an estate walkabout include

  • Rubbish and cleanliness
  • Abandoned cars and parking
  • Landscaping
  • Communal areas in flats 

The Walkabouts are followed up with an estate inspection six weeks later to ensure any problems raised have been dealt with.

What happens next?

We will note down your concerns and take action where necessary. 

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